Conference panels

Please note that the deadline for sending Abstracts  for the conference has been expired on 31st of October, 2016.

Indicative, tentative schedule of the panel sessions will be elaborated by early February, but the the final schedule will be elaborated only after the registrations have closed (that is 20 March). After this, the Panel chairs will allocate individual presentations among sessions.


A – New Researchers

A1 – New Researchers Panel

B – Public service motivation and leadership

B1 – Bureaucratic Leadership and Public Sector Management in Developing and Transitional Countries

B2 – Leadership

B3 – Organizational Change and the Future of Work in the Public Sector

B4 – Public Service Motivation

B5 – The Dynamics of Diverse Workforces

C – Local and regional government

C1 – Innovation in Local Government

C2 – Local Governance (Special Interest Group)

C3 – Smart Cities: A Global Comparative Public Management Perspective

D – Intersectoral dynamics

D1 – Community self-organization: how is it shaped in different political-administrative contexts?

D2 – Context, behaviour and evolution: new perspectives on public and non-profit governance

D3 – Co-production in the design and delivery of public services: The role of internal and external conditions

D4 – Governance and Management of State-Owned Enterprises, Corporate Forms and Agencies on Local, Regional and National Level

D5 – Working with the private sector: Externalisation and public procurement

E – Sectoral challenges of public management

E1 – Emergency Services Management

E2 – Healthcare Management (Special Interest Group)

E3 – Health Care Management Reforms – Public Policy, Management and Accountability

F – Research and knowledge utilization

F1 – Behavioral and Experimental Public Administration

F2 – Connecting Public Management Researcher and Practitioners for Improved Outcomes (Special Interest Group)

F3 – Expertise and Evidence in Public Policy

F4 – Unpanel on Teaching and Education in Public Management

F5 – Wicked Problems in Public Policy – Theory and Practice

G – Accounting, resources and accountability

G1 – Accounting and Accountability – Constructing society – History, culture, politics and accounting in the public services (Special Interest Group)

G2 – Fiscal Crisis, Austerity and Reform: Lessons Learned

G3 – The governance of risk in public services delivery

G4 – Transparency and Open Government

H – Governing public organizations 

H1 – Management and Organizational Performance (PMRA-Sponsored panel)

H2 – Performance management in the public sector – practices and real effects in developed and transition countries

H3 – Politics and Management: Competition or Co-operation?

H4 – Public Sector Implementation: trends and futures

H5 – Public Service Design: Contextual Conditions for Application and its Cultural Implications on Public Management

H6 – Public Value – Governance mechanisms for creating public value

H7 – Rethinking the meaning of public and publicness for good governance: The linkage between publicness and performance in public administration

H8 – The Projectification of the Public Sector: the possibilities, limitations and political implications of policy

I – Culture and context in public management

I1 – Contexts of regulation and generalization of theories

I2 – Governance of Culture – Culture of Governance

I3 – Public-Private Partnerships: Culture, context and governance in a global perspective

I4 – Trust-based Management in Public Sector. In Public Managers We Trust?

J – Open Track – The Culture and Context of Public Management