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Here you can find the preliminary program of the IRSPM 2017 conference. We scheduled 10 panel session slots, following the practice of the previous annual conferences.

Please consider that the program may be a subject of minor changes.

In addition we would like to draw your attention, that we as the conference organizers only provide the technical and infrastructural background for your work in the panels, so the exact working method within the panel, specific requirements, internal deadlines, etc. depend on the decision of the panel chair.


You can find the detailed preliminary conference program here

The Opening Ceremony will take place in New (C) Building, Main Auditorium (no. 3). In following pictures you can find the location of the New Building on the Corvinus campus and the plan of the building, including Auditorium number 3. The auditorium is accessible from 2nd and 3rd floor.

Here you can see all the participants who took part in the conference:

Participants List

You can find the detailed registration guide here.